Social media marketing

With Ethon, you do not have to look further for availing Social Media Marketing services. It includes a marketing strategy, mainly defined as Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC source. This kind of advertising is associated with content networks and searching networks and primarily used by three significant networks; Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Sometimes, PPC is termed as paid search and is well employed on various search networks.

The SEO services of our company are unique to this modern industry and with verifiable results. The primary aim of this SEO team is to offer increased domain authority with off and on site optimization results. These techniques are known for working in unison with social media strategies and content marketing. The main aim is to increase the visibility of your search engine results. At present, Ethon is ranked as one of the leading SEO agencies in India, thanks to the hardworking team of experts.

Money was not a concern, while working with us. We follow the customer first approach now, as we love to prepare digital strategies for offering real results. Some of our basic services are listed below:


  • Call tracking
  • PPC campaign with GEO targeting
  • Landing page optimization
  • Compassion shopping engine
  • Ads and pay per click management strategies


The main avenues of SEM, which make Ethon the best platform, are the content of display networking advertisement, paid search management, CSE or comparison shopping engine management, banner ad design and more.

Pay per click advertisement is surging in India and on the global front. You can go through the present Q3 earnings, where the importance of PPC is well illustrated. At present, news states that a company is likely to hike 23% with the help of search ad business. Nowadays, the majority of business, from small to larger firms is now working on online advertisement and PPC services, and not quite fond of traditional advertising means. As this change is now finalized, therefore, you should get the best Social media marketing packages from us, at Ethon.

The main aim of our paid search campaign is to provide clients with optimal results, which in turn, offers endless results on investment sources.

With us, you will understand the importance of landing page optimization. It is a critical component, to be added to SEO marketing campaign. Ad visibility is offering companies to direct traffic to rich land pages, however; the customers might react in different manner, depending on what landing page has to offer.

With us, you will receive a sticky landing page, comprises of relevant and strong content, which h will entice customers to make any conversion. Moreover, it is always important to contact the best-paid search company, due to hike in keyword cost and click through rates. It ensures that your advertising resources are not wasted. This industry goes through dynamic changes, and you need to be aware of those changes.

With the help of our proven tactics, we will ensure that our practices are effective, ethical and cost efficient, in nature. Get in touch with us, and see, what Ethon has in store for you.