Customized Software Development

Ethon Technology is the best outsourcing company when you need customized software development. What makes us so special and unique? We offer the whole spectrum of software development for widespread business domains.

Are you a startup company aspiring to capture a big market share? Or you are an established business house in the brick-and-mortar market and want to create the same history in the virtual world as well?

Regardless of your business size and type, we bring incredible software products to enhance your efficiency and productivity.

We are there in every stage of software development life cycle; conceiving the idea, analyzing it for your business needs, converting it into a foolproof design, and prototyping. We develop a full-fledged system based on the prototype and then implement and maintain it.

We handhold and assist your team to get acquainted with the system and to map business processes to it.

Customized development services we bring for you

Enterprise solutions

Delivering top-class customized business solutions is our knack. With the exhaustive knowledge and experience of our team, we are the trusted technology partner when you need the best enterprise solutions.

Customized mobile apps

Native or cross platform mobile app; we don’t leave a stone unturned to make it perfect. Take advantage of our experience and take your business to new heights.

We develop an excellent application and integrate them with your existing ones seamlessly and flawlessly. Our comprehensive applications spread across platforms such as Android, iOS, MS Windows, and Blackberry.

Web applications

Team Ethon Technology is capable of bringing the complete range of web applications.

Portal solutions, social networking apps, billing and payment system, business process automation systems, Enterprise content management solutions or any other application under the sun you need; just give us a buzz.

We will contact you as early as possible to gather further information and come out with the exclusive and excellent web application.

Migration and upgrade

In the dynamic world of Information Technology based systems, you have to be ready for upgrades and migrations of systems from one platform to the other.

It is not an easy task but needs a thoroughly systematic approach. With Ethon Technology, you can expect that it happens smoothly and effortlessly.

Now don’t waste your midnight sleep by worrying about moving from legacy systems to state-of-the-art platforms.

Give the responsibility to us and see it happening without any hassles.

Third-party customization

Cost-effective integration and support, and smooth Third-party customization are always challenging tasks. Whether you do it with an open-source system or another commercial system, it is not possible to manage it unless we are there to help you.

Modernize and consolidate your IT infrastructure by third-party customization!

System re-engineering

When the basic attributes like scalability, business integration, and reliability are under threat, it is the right time to re-engineer your systems.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done it even once. Make us your service partner for system re-engineering and see how easily it gets over.

We don’t leave any loopholes and keep you delighted, not just happy to see the perfection of system re-engineering.