The Economy of Digital Marketing

The Indian Digital Marketing is only a small fish as of now worth just over $1 Billion as compared to the $150 Billion industry worldwide, of which about $55 Billion comes from US alone. The good news is that India also happens to be one of the countries with fastest growing number of Internet users in the world. With more than a billion people in population, an enormous prospect for growth and evolution for Digital Marketing is evident here. The overwhelming rate of growth of the number of Internet users (phone and laptop) has been such that it took more than 20 years to reach the first 100 million users, but only 3 years after that for it to double. The coming 4 years will double even that number.

With the advent of smart phones and portable tabs, the modern Indian is more connected. It’s not only the youngsters and city folks that are digitally active, but even older population of small towns and villages dip their beak into the digital waters. The next generation of users exposed to the joy of Internet is posed to be expansively varied across geography, interests, and ages and more rural.

There are two big advantages of this - more and more people are exposed to the existing content and we get to add and change content, keeping the new wave of users that’s being added. Small changes in the digital side promise to reach out to unbelievable numbers and are bound to get some over whelming responses. In earlier times, that was possible only by advertising on national radio, national TV and National news papers, along with a whole bunch of regional newspapers to get this kind of coverage. Keeping this in mind, we can expect companies setting aside substantially more amount for the digital marketing section of operations, and the whole industry and resulting economy rising further. Metrics such as CTR (Click Through Rate), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Cost per Impression and methods like Organic Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Engine Marketing (pay per click), display advertising, email marketing and content marketing provide clients of marketing companies with a lot of options as to how to use their money best. Little money can make most difference when it comes to marketing digitally.

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