Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the forms of online direct marketing. In simplest terms, email marketing is a process to send messages to people via email. These messages can be sent with intent of sending wishes, businesses propositions or solicit sales.

These can be sent to a new group of people to increase the business or current customers to keep them updated about the new services and offers. Major things involved in email marketing are contact database, custom emailer and a tool to send the emails.

Ethon Technologies is a leading Pune based company offering email marketing services and solutions to small, mid and large enterprises. Our email marketing services are cost effective and with a team of experienced people we ensure that a clean, crispy and compact message is delivered to your customers via emails. Our designing team creates great web emailer designs considering the target market and audience after an in depth study. We being a digital agency ensure that emails are sent to the right people with a right message which require research, planning, run time decisions and management skills.


How our email marketing services can help your business grow?

  • Increase in brand recognition and loyality
  • Connect with more target customers
  • Increase in Conversions
  • Saves your time and marketing cost
  • Generates traffic instantly

Our Email Marketing Features

  • Creation of emailers – HTML & NON HTML
  • Automated sending of emails using various tools
  • Scheduling of email campaigns
  • Integration with marketing and CRM tools
  • Instant reporting with attractive features
  • Sending personalized, tailored email messages to different subscriber groups
  • Multi user access to track team performance and results

Do you want to implement a cost-effective and efficient channel for your sales and communication with new and existing clients? Contact us today and we will take care of it.