Facebook Marketing

Even now, when the competition is tough, still Facebook is considered as a reigning champion of the social media platform.

Apart from being a preferred platform to connect with old friends and make a new friendship, now Facebook has a new role to play. It has flourished into a business venue, where businessmen can expand their services and profile and plan for a profitable deal. It is the best way to connect with your customers and check what they have to think about you. Self-promotion and customer interaction are two of the important strategies, which Ethon has in store, under Facebook marketing package.

Working for all bases

Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or have been associated with a big corporation, there will be no difference in our work. We know Facebook to be a powerful marketing tool, and our clients will present to you with the steps to use it in your favor. It is the finest place to keep customers informed and help in developing a brand identity. Moreover, to broaden your reach, Facebook marketing seems to be the only option left.

Make the most of the business page

Facebook page, at present, has become a free marketing tool for different businesses. It helps you to identify your needs and attract more customer bases. Apart from producing services and offering through FB, we would like to help our clients with ways to share links, posts, and images on customized pages. It helps in creating a business’s personality and provides a better sense of character. We would like to increase your brand identity through Facebook business page. For the first step, we are going to consider your key audience first and share social media images accordingly. On the other hand, we have other videos and links, to go with your business and enrich your audience base.

Classic ads to work in your favor

Facebook has its advertising form, and you just need to understand its use. These are mainly referred as classic ads, or more specifically, marketplace ads. This comprises of a headline with image, copy and clicks on the link. With us, you can implement FB advertising in marketing strategy for increasing website clicks and likes.

    With us, you will be able to enjoy features like

  • Ability to set a preferred ad budget
  • Demographic target by FB on user data, depending on location, age, interest and education
  • Ad testing, where various ad versions will run smoothly for comparing advertisement setup and designs
  • Providing help with built-in advertisement performance and measuring tools

As Facebook does not release any information regarding their CTR ads, therefore; it becomes extremely difficult to know how the Facebook ads function. With the help of our experts, you can check your Facebook ads, and know how they have scored among your probable customers. It helps your users to interact well with your brand and the services, you are offering now. Additionally, it helps in forming professional relationships.

You can rely on us, at Ethon, for amazing support with Facebook marketing strategies. It is just a matter of call, and we would like to help you with advertisement strategies.