Payroll Software


Our Payroll Software system has been designed and developed with intent to work well for small, medium and even large organizations. Our payroll system is compatible with multiple attendance management systems that are being used by the companies at large now a days.

Ethon Technologies is a payroll software company based in Pune. Our payroll system offers exceptional and high level reporting which is completely customizable. Our system is developed after a high level research in numerous organizations, understanding their pain areas and using the latest technologies present in the market. Our system keeps a close track on the employees hours spent at work, daily attendance and makes sure that a proper calculation is done as per the number of hours worked.

Our payroll system logs every activity done by the employees while entering the company premises be it a card swipe, biometric thumb usage. This activity is directly logged and used to calculate the employee’s salary. Based on the attendance of the employees, leaves taken by them, overtime, bonus, advances, and other standard deductions like Professional Tax, PF, ESIC, and income tax, the monthly salaries are precisely calculated. This software helps mid and large sized companies to save their time and efforts to do the tedious work of calculating payroll manually.

Modules in our Payroll Software

  • Employee Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Salary Management
  • Appraisal Management
  • Leave Management
  • Gratuity, Income Tax Form 16 /12
  • MIS

Benefits of Payroll System

  • Reduces the work load of HR department
  • Precise and accurate calculation
  • Quick access to all information
  • Organized information
  • More Secured data
  • Easy and quick system to use for employees
  • Multi Company Software administration
  • Daily/ Monthly Reports with an easy to use dashboard
  • Easy tax calculation

So leave your worries and queries to us, we are always there to take care of your employees. Contact us today to know more or fix a demo as per your availability.