Search Engine Marketing

Welcome to the world of Ethon. Here, you have the liberty to gain promising information on Search Engine Marketing. Search engine marketing or SEM is mainly defined as a major form of internet marketing.

It involves promotional services of a website and increase visibility in SERPs. The primary aim is to take help of paid advertisement, where PPC tops the chat. It might even incorporate SEO services, whose main aim is to rewrite or adjust the website content, along with site architecture. It helps in achieving higher ranking in SERP and enhances the services of PPC listing.

Providing you with a plethora of options

There is a vast range of services, which you will come across with search engine marketing strategies. Some of those are a comparison of shopping engine, call tracking, Geo-targeting the PPC campaign and what not. Moreover, you will receive the best services with landing page optimization and marketing services for the professionals. PPC banner ad portfolio and pay per click management are some of the additional examples, which ensure that we, at Ethon, provide you with ultimate help.

With its unique and verifiable results, Ethon is here in internet marketing field for quite some time now. The primary aim of our tea is to increase the present domain authority, with proficient use of on page and off page optimization techniques. Our team of leading experts makes it a way to deal with the five major categories of metrics and methods while planning to optimize websites with search engine optimization.

  • Website popularity and saturation forms an integral part of this section. It helps in understanding the ways, which help in increasing the online presence of a website. Moreover, by analyzing the number of pages in one site, you will be able to deal with search engine indexes. Avail help from our side to know the number of backlinks, which a site mainly has. It not just helps in generating more traffic but helps in converting the remaining in your favor.
  • Keyword research and analysis form another integral part of SEM. You will be able to find the popular keywords for the products and use these keywords on the site. Thanks to our hard working team, you can leave the services on us, sit back, and check out the improvements.
  • Proficient use of back-end tools forms another integral part of our Ethon groups. Some of the major tools, which we use, are HTML validators, web analytic tools and more. Through these tools, you will be able to work with the log files and in the most sophisticated manner.
  • Sometimes, we would like to extend our hand with Whois tools. It helps in revealing the owner of your site and offer valuable information, as related to trademark issues and copyright.

Apart from the points mentioned above, you will be able to receive the important services of Google mobile friendly checker from us. This test is here to help you in analyzing a URL and report in case, your website is mobile friendly or not. So, wait no further and contact us for further action.