Youtube advertising

YouTube is not just a place to share your videos, but it provides you with the best advertisement routine now.

At present, most of the online businesses are now making the most of this online video channel, which helps in reaching messages to majority of people, at the same time.
Whether you are a startup company or just planning to expand your already established business, it is always better to take help of experts for right advertisement steps. For that, Ethon is all set and ready to be your guide.
With our team of hardworking professionals, you will get the best advertisement, through YouTube, as the main medium.

More about video ads

The primary question, which pops up in your mind is the meaning of video ads. Any video, uploaded in YouTube can be an ad. It can be a simple video of few seconds, or it can be your professional video of the company, landing in minutes.
However, video ads are known for appearing first in YouTube, when compared with other videos. There are some amazing specifications, which will help you to know more about video ads

  • Desktop video mastheads
  • Rich media custom mastheads
  • Mobile video mastheads
  • Video ads with in-stream video ads
  • Rich media layout
  • Trueview in-display ads
  • Trueview in-stream ads
  • In-video overlay ads
  • Standard display ads
  • Live streaming in ads



Complete control over the budget plans

People might be waiting in anticipation to know more about the monetary aspect of YouTube video. Well, you will be surprised to know that YouTube video ad costing clearly depends on your hand. You might have to create a perfect video, and with us, you will be able to get the best strategies without wasting more than few pennies from your pocket. As you have complete control over the monetary values, therefore; you can spend the amount, which you are comfortable at.

Additionally, you have the liberty to pay only anyone engages with your chosen ad. In case, they skip the ad within 30 seconds, you are not supposed to pay a cent. Additionally, you will be able to increase your viewers, subscribers and get thousand thumbs up, on a daily basis.

With the YouTube advertisement, you will be able to enjoy a variety of targeting options. It helps you to target the best business icons, who can work with you to expand your business, or else; you can even target other individuals, who are interested in your product or service.

Measuring the results now:

The YouTube advertisement comprises of built-in analysis, which will help you to see how well your ad has performed. We take this meter in check while helping you to make the most promising corporate video. If you need to make any further adjustments, you are welcome to do so. We are open 2 x 7, trying to make adequate changes to your ad with the changing surrounding.

Additionally, with our help, you will be able to run multiple ads, at the same time. It helps us to decide which one is gaining more popularity from the probable clients.